Targeted advertising in social networks Facebook & Instagram

This is a method of online advertising that uses methods and settings to search for the target audience in accordance with the given parameters of people who may be interested in the advertised product or service.

Targeted advertising

What is included in the package
  • Setting up advertising campaigns
  • Analytics and optimization of advertising campaigns
  • Connecting and setting up Facebook Pixel
  • Creation of advertising creatives (creation of photo/video content, writing of selling texts and headlines)
  • Monthly reporting
  • Launch retargeting and dynamic campaigns
  • Working with custom audiences
  • Events setup (measurement based on aggregated data, CRM integration in API Conversions

Choose suitable tariff

One product, one service
Suitable for promoting your grooming course or garage sale
from 250$/month
Multiple products or services
Suitable for online stores and multipurpose pages
from 350$/month

Loyalty program from MB.Marketing

Discounts for ordering complex promotion or cooperation for more than 3 months
Number of months Amount of discount
3 months 10%
6 months 15%
9 months 20%
12 months 25%
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